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Welcome to Cubs VS. Cards 2013!

How does it work?
You must be at least 21 years of age to participate. For each round and before the cutoff time, pick who you think will win. Each "round" is a month beginning with two games in May, 4 games in June, 4 games in July, 6 games in August, and ending with 3 games in September! You may change your picks as long as it isn't past the deadline. Each month will have one tie-breaker question. At the end of each month we will draw one random winner from all the tied highest point leaders for that round's prize winner. If there is a rain-out, your choice for the game will count only if the rain-out game is played within the same month. Otherwise, we toss the game out and only use the remaining games to choose the winner.

Are there prizes?
Yes! See all prizes.

Participating Sponsors: Peoria Brick, The Recovery Room, The Locker Room, & Sully's Pub

Can I play with a "private group" of friends and family?
Yes. After you register and log in, just click on the my groups tab. Next click on "Create a Private Group" and follow the instructions.

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